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Founding of Bergschule Uri (BSU) by Alex Clapsson. At the beginning, the offer is limited to powder snow skiing. Its tag line "to ski like no one else was once a dream, now reality, mountain reality" is reflected by the school's name, "Bergschule Uri, Mountain Reality".

The BSU works closely with MAMMUT to provide mountain guides and guests with equipment for several years.


From the 1990s onwards, the range of summer offers increases, especially to compensate for the at times unpredictable winter months. Today, summer work amounts to around 60 percent. Alongside Alp-based offers, it becomes increasingly important to also provide options for traveling abroad.


Bergschule Uri – sicher faszinierend.
The BSU is one of the largest providers of mountain experiences across Switzerland and is characterized by its high safety standards and careful interaction with nature.


As the first and only outdoor company to do so, MAMMUT establishes its own mountain school: the Mammut Alpine School.


The Mammut Alpine School offers a comprehensive training and touring program in Switzerland, Germany and Austria. The focus is on sharing knowledge with participants within the context of MAMMUT’s own line of safety products.


The BSU searches for a succession solution. MAMMUT takes over business activities and merges the BSU with the Mammut Alpine School.


From winter 2015/16, a joint program is offered with the mountain and hiking guides from the Mammut Alpine School and the BSU, with all the benefits both schools have to offer.


In time for the 2018/19 winter season, the Mammut Alpine School reveals a fresh, new look as well as a completely redesigned user-friendly website with booking system.


Experience the Mammut Alpine School from the Mammut Hombase in Andermatt.


Mammut transfers the Alpine School to longtime and rich in tradition partner ZERMATTERS.


With ANDERMATTERS, the Andermatt home base is further strengthened. Contact us for your individual mountain experience.